Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company

National Bank of Serbia granted the operating, fund organising and managing licenses (No. 4496 and 4495) to Dunav Company on 8th March 2007.

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund has more than 93.000 members and RSD 22,6 billion of current assets under management (41,57% market share, December 2023) 


  • RSD 22.6 billion
  • 13.27% growthDEC 2022/DEC 2023
  •       2023 yield rate: 10.45%


  • 93.539 members
  • 71%  employees sponsored by employers
  • 29% indiviual members


  • 63.000 PENSIONS
  • RSD 9.4 billion  value of payouts
  • 1.283 pensions CURERNTLY PAYING OUT

The Company employs 38 professionals organised in 7 branches throughout the country.

Identification number: 17411233.

Custody bank: OTP banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad, Trg Slobode 5, Novi Sad

Brokerage house: Dunav Stockbroker a.d., Kolarčeva 7/1, Beograd

                             Unicredit Bank Srbija a.d., Jurija Gagarina 12, Novi Beograd

                             Momentum Securities a.d., Futoška 1a, Novi Sad

Auditing company: PKF d.o.o Beograd, Palmira Toljatija 5/III, Beograd

Data Protection Officer: Biljana Vladisavljevic, 011 3036 410, biljana.vladisavljevic@dunavpenzije.com


Acknowledging and fully understanding the needs of our members for financially secure and dignified aging, we are a voluntary pension fund which helps them in wise and responsible planning of private pension.

We also partner employers in their efforts to attract, develop and motivate employees by providing financial support for their private pensions.

As the leading and only domestic voluntary pension fund in Serbia, with a wide sales network and professionally and responsibly investment of entrusted assets, we are committed to developing and maintaining long term relationship with our members and contributing to their well-being as well as the well-being of the community.


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