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Retirement used to be perceived as a well-deserved vacation, a chance to catch up and devote time to people and activities previously missed due to lack of time.

However, global demographic changes, e.i. low birthrate and increased longevity call for pension reform in order to be sustainable in a long run. things have changed long ago and now the thought of retirement for future retirees create fear of financial uncertainty. This reform, among other measures, means increase of retirement age. Voluntary pension funds, on the other hand, are the way of to supplement one's income in the old age.

Pension and disability insurance law provides that the age limit for old age pension is increased by two months every year until 2032.

Voluntary pension funds (VPF) are an integral part of the pension system that enables Individuals (alone or with their employers) to save in pension funds and gain additional, private pension. Besides that, there is a direct corelation between the amount paid into pension funds and the amount of pension.

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