Membership sponsored by employer


In addition to individual membership in the fund you can increase your future pension through employer’s payments of your contributions onto your individual account.  In our fund, 60% of members are employees sponsored by the employer. 

There are multiple reasons as to why employers choose to pay additional pension contributions for their employees and the most important ones are:

  • Tax incentives: employer's payments up to RSD 8,101 per emoloyee are personal income tax and mandatory social contributions exempt.
1 Net amount 8,101.00 8,101.00
2 Gross amount I (neto/0,701) 11,556.35 -
3 Contributions bared by the employee 19,9 (2x19,9) 2,299.71  
4 Personal income tax 10% (2x10%) 1,155.64  
5 Contributions bared by the employer 15,15% (2x15,15%) 1,750.79  
6 Gross amount II (2+5) 13,307.14 8,101.00
7 Additional expence (6-1) u % 64.27% 0%


  • Corporate social respponsibility: employer executes modern and efficient social programme in the organisation showing the care of the most important segment of business – employees. Employees are relieved of having to worry about personal and family financial future.
  • Employer's competitivenes: providing the employees with an extra source of income in old age, employers become more competitive in the labour market for the new ones while increasing motivation and loyalty of existing ones.
  • Different models of payment: payment can be calculated as absolute or amount or percentege of salary, and the management can additionaly award certain groups of employees by paying higher amount of pension contributions for them. 

PENSION PLAN CONTRACT -  Preuzmite pravilnik

Conclude an employer and pension company. In order to organize a pension plan, an employer needs to:

  1. bring the decision on pension plan organising.
  2. conclude a pension plan contract with pension company.
  3. Ministry of labour, employment and socila policy issues approval on pension plan contract.

The employer is obliged to offer all employees the same requirements for membership in the pension plan and other pension plan may include certain groups of employees under specific conditions. An employee may refuse pension plan membership which in no case can be a condition of employment or membership in a trade union or association. Member of the pension plan is at the same time a member of the fund, and if his employment terminates, he is able to remain a member of the fund or transfer individual account to another fund.

The employer must notify each emoloyee on:

  • terms of the pension plans.
  • the approval on the pension plan contract received  by the Ministry.
  • the termination of his membership in the pension plan.

Also, the employer is required to notify the pension company of the termination of employment or death of the employee / member of the pension plan. If the employer intends to dismiss a pension plan, it is required to inform the members, the pension company and the Ministry at least three months prior to dissolution.


Conclude an employee and pension company and the employer is a contributor.  In this case, the procedure is much simpler than the conclusion of a pension plan.

No matter what type of the contract employer chooses, the same tax benefits apply, while the employed are members of the fund, payments are made to their individual accounts, and they are the sole owners of the funds paid.

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